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At Globrin, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We measure our success in terms of the success of our customers. As individuals, and collectively as an organization, we judge ourselves by the ability of our customers to achieve their business objectives. This has been central to our business from our inception.

Customers around the world rely on our solutions to solve the product engineering needs. Some of our customers include:

Eco European Ltd.With over 15 years experience operating at the heart of the gas industry, Smart Metering Systems provides the UK’s leading gas suppliers and large corporate customers with a comprehensive package of solutions encompassing all aspects of the gas connections and smart metering markets.


VshipsFormed in 1984, V.Ships is the leading supplier of independent ship management and related marine services to the global shipping industry. Currently, it supplies services to a fleet of over 1000 vessels and manages a crew roster of 24,000 staff.


VshipsDacoll ltd is an award-winning provider of strategic technology and business solutions to the private and public sector. Our services are organised in four areas: Information technology Solutions; Strategic Communications and Storage solutions; Engineering Technical services and Program Management, Operations, and Support. Our clients praise our work, customer service and innovative solutions.

Market ResolveMarket Resolve is a New York-based firm which provides comprehensive industry-specific consulting, software solutions and staffing services to financial institutions. Servicing all areas of an organization, Market Resolve delivers innovative solutions with a focus on enterprise-wide operational management.


VshipsRadiant Fish is a Software Design & Development company operating in the (TMT) technology, media and telecoms sector. Specialising in the creation of 3D media rich virtual environments, to engage the user in an interactive, memorable and rewarding viewing experience. Developing applications software for deployment on the Web and the mobile telecoms arena, addressing both (D2C) direct to consumer & (B2B) business to business environments.


VshipsThe Glasgow Housing Association Limited is a not-for-profit housing association registered under the Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965. It is also recognised by HM Revenue and Customs as a Scottish charity and is registered with The Scottish Housing Regulator under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 as a registered social landlord.


VshipsAll g2 products are specialist web-based performance management applications allowing you to track and view your performance scores, upload and/or input data wherever you are — whether you are at your desktop or laptop or on the move with your smartphone, iPad or tablet — there is a g2 product available to save you time and money in managing performance.

bam Construct UK Ltd.BAM Construct UK Ltd is part of the European construction enterprise, Royal BAM Group. The company has a large network of offices covering England, Scotland and Wales and projects in the education, retail, mixed use development, health, office, leisure and law order sectors.


VshipsWorkSAAS is an integrated safety, health and environmental management system which utilises “cloud technology” to provide access to employees and contractors irrespective of their location. With "cloud" there is no requirement for significant investment in software and support, instead access to the application is through a licensing process on a pay as you use basis, the amount depending on how many users and how much of the system is used.

VmogVMOG UK is the largest UK based manufacturer and supplier of OCTG to the North Sea Oil&Gas Industry. The company operates OCTG heat treatment facilities and threading at it's plant in Bellshill near Glasgow.


IESIES is an innovative company at the forefront of the development and application of powerful software simulation tools and consulting services for architects, engineers and others involved in the design, development and management of truly sustainable buildings.


The Bihar State Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd.This Government of Bihar department works in distribution of food items through its ‘Public Distribution Network' in the nooks and corners of the entire state. It manages various food distribution schemes of state and union governments.

Globrin is contracted to develop, implement and manage its information system. Globrin has successfully established data centers for BSF & CSCL at its corporate head quarter in Patna and at all the district head quarters of BSF & CSCL spread all over the state of Bihar. The application software has been developed and implemented which helps BSF & CSCL manage inventory of food items, issuance of stock to point of sales, enables mining of data from the district offices of BSF & CSCL and publishing several Management Information reports. Globrin has also provided training to the staff members of BSF & CSCL to operate the application software. Main objective of this Department is to provide food grains to the citizens through public stockiest, hawkers and shop keepers under various supply schemes implemented by state Government as well as Central Government

Globrin is in agreement with BSFC for the development of new software for their stock management and bank reconciliation, Data center management across the Bihar State and training of employees and offices on the application software developed.

Magadh UniversityMagadh University is one of the largest universities in India. Globrin is in agreement with Magadh University for the digitalization of Registration Register (RR), Tabulation Register (TR) and the examination processing.

The records of TR and RR are manually recorded in registers. The Digitalization initiative includes creation of electronic data and scanned images of the pages of registers of TR & RR. The digitalization of TR covers 18 years prior to the start of computerized processing of examinations held by the University. While the digitalization of RR covers 20 years. The data repository contains close to two million accounts of TR and over one million accounts of RR. Software interface has been developed so that viewing and printing of old records from RR and TR can be done with a few clicks and key-strokes. The application also provides functionality to generate various MIS reports.

Application software developed for ‘Examination Processing’ begins with capturing data from the filled in examination forms, processing and printing of Admit card, Attendance sheet and alphabetical list of candidates etc. Post evaluation of examination papers, the marks obtained by the candidates are captured and processed to publish result, print mark sheets, certificates and several statistical reports required by the University.


Magadh UniversityTilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University (T.M. Bhagalpur University) is one of the largest universities in Bihar, India. Globrin is in agreement with T.M. Bhagalpur University for the digitalization of Tabulation Register (TR) and Registration Register (RR). The records of TR and RR are manually recorded in registers. The Digitalization initiative includes creation of electronic data and scanned images of the pages of registers of TR & RR. Software interface has been developed so that viewing and printing of old records from RR and TR can be done with a few clicks and key-strokes. The application also provides functionality to generate various MIS reports.


Magadh UniversityIntegrated Child Development Services (ICDS) is one of the world's largest and most unique outreach programmes for young children (up to six years old). This is implemented in almost all states of India and is managed by respective state governments.

Globrin partnered with the ICDS department of Government of Bihar to establish and manage its IT data centre at its corporate head quarter in Patna, Bihar. In addition to establishing the data centre, Globrin was also entrusted to set-up IT infrastructure spread over 600 locations in the entire state of Bihar so that data related to performance of the ICDS program could be collected and entered in a centralized data repository. Necessary software and systems were developed & implemented so that MIS reports could be generated from the centralized data repository. Globrin managed the entire ‘Information System’ of ICDS Bihar for three years and provided necessary training to staff members of the department to use the software on an ongoing basis.

Case Study

"Software application helps compliance division of a large, global financial institution report & track exceptions and their resolutions."
Posted: 01/03/2011

"Software application helps maintain regulatory and procedure control for Global Bank"
Posted: 01/03/2011


i5Codex - Automated Temperature Tracking Solution

Temperature Monitor Module in i5Codex receives temperature readings from a temperature device and processes and displays real time temperatures obtained. The temperature data obtained from any such devices can be integrated with i5Codex which in turn will trigger workflows as defined in the i5Codex system and forward appropriate notification/alerts to users.

i5Codex can also be used to

  • Achieve Industry Standard Compliance Certificate quickly.
  • Streamline Quality Management process and compliance within organization.
  • Demonstrate compliance on demand at any time with efficiency and without affecting production.